School Is Back - But Who Else Is Dreading What To Pack For Lunches!?

February 04, 2019

The Dreaded School Lunches 

With all the school rules and regulations surrounding packed lunches these days in schools, it is becoming a re-occurring problem for the Mum's of this world to decide what to pack for their kids lunch!

Gone are the days where you had the freedom to chuck a bit of everything in their lunch box to avoid complaints and not have a worry in this world!

Now I would have to agree that the "No Plastic Or Packets" Is a great environmental initiative BUT it does make it hard for parents to work around - especially working parents who would love to just throw a pack of shapes in there and be done!

We thought we would help those parents out a little and also give some great ideas to mix up the lunches throughout the week - to avoid those common complaints of "Not That Again" or " "I Don't Like That Anymore".


- Sushi

- Sandwich Sushi ( Rolled Slices Of Bread With Filling Chopped Like Sushi )

- Mini Skewers ( Protein & Veggie )

- Mini Quiche


- Sa-Ka-Tas With Smashed Avo

- Cherry Tomatos / Carrots / Cucs ( baby cucumbers ) & Dip

- Blueberries / Strawberries / Raspberries / Grapes

- Pikelets

- Mini Quiche